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AN UNFINISHED WAR...Seyran Margaryan studies at the Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction. He is a participant of the April war.

Every Armenian generation has its share of war, its share of struggle.

Seyran’s grandfather, Seyran Margaryan Senior, took part in the border battles of Noyemberyan, Ijevan and Sisian as a member of the Yerkrapah volunteer detachment in the 1990s.

Seyran’s father, Gagik, is a participant in both the Artsakh war and the April war. Gagik was 17 years old when he secretly left the house and joined his freedom-fighting father. He was in a hurry, he was in a hurry, he thought the war would end and he would not be able to fight the enemy. Could young Gagik know that 24 years later he would go to Artsakh again, this time to stand by his son?




After graduating from the first year of the institute, Seyran was drafted into the army. The service began in a training unit, then he was transferred to the Talish battalion.

AN UNFINISHED WAR...The place of service was beautiful with many magnificent landscapes. The turquoise of the Tartar River is still in his mind.

… It was spring, the awakening of nature, the trees had just blossomed, it was April …

“We went down from the outpost to our permanent location. For those on duty, the ‘sleep’ command sounded an hour earlier than usual. “We went to sleep tired and broken,” Seyran recalls. “At about two o’clock, Artur Darbinyan, the battalion commander, entered the barracks and gave the ‘alarm’ command. Shots were fired, gradually increasing.

Minutes later, we were ready and standing in uniforms and armed. There was a torrent of fire on all four sides.”

Only after the daybreak were they able to move to the positions, from where the enemy’s tanks and soldiers could be seen with the naked eye.

“It’s a war, boys, don’t be frightened,” the commander encouraged.

He called home a few days later. He imagined the anxiety of the family. The mother said that the father was already at the forefront. Only a few hundred meters away from each other, a father and son were fighting, and only ten days after the ceasefire they met in the ruined village of Talish. Even now he remembers that meeting with excitement.




After the war, they often meet with army friends. They discuss different issues together and initiate different projects.

Seyran Margaryan decided to continue his service to the homeland after graduating from the university.



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