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ENDURANCEOn April 7 of this year, I came across a post in the Facebook about the parents of my colleague, Zinuzh TV program journalist Arman BAyramyan.


“Today is a double holiday in our family. A crazy story – worth a movie — began a quarter of a century ago. The brave girl met a young freedom fighter in the hospital. He had lost his both legs, and now was facing new challenges in his life. Some 9125 days ago, two fearless young people promised to join hands for the rest of their lives, overcoming any difficulties and nightmares. But today, like a quarter of a century ago, they continue to write their story full with pride and heroism, with a proud look, a straight back, and, most importantly, together and full of great love. ”

After reading this exciting post, I had a great desire to hear this story from them, this brave couple. And the story is really extraordinary and heroic.


Meeting at the hospital


“It was 1994,” says Lilit. “My brother was serving in Tavush.” His friend was wounded near Voskepar and lost his legs. My brother sent us a letter saying that there was such a person from the region, he had no relatives in Yerevan. If you can, visit him. My parents and I went to the hospital. And that very day, we met Armen in the same hospital room. All of them were strong guys, but 20-year-old Armen, who lost both legs during the liberation war, stood out with his mature thoughts and behavior.


Noyemberyan, Koti: Soldiers are born at the border


Armen was 14 years old when he enlisted in the army to defend his homeland. The shelling became a part of the villagers’ lives.

“You can never fully appreciate the price of victory and human life in civilian life,” says the lieutenant colonel, referring to the day he was wounded.  “When a ceasefire was signed in Karabakh, subversive groups began to penetrate the Tavush region. There were active operations in the Shamshadin-Noyemberyan section. That day we had a task to prevent the entry of one of the subversive groups. There were two of us, me and a guy from the scouts group. ”

Suddenly they found themselves trapped in a minefield. When you stand on a mine, there are tricks to reducing the impact of an explosion. But looking back, Armen saw that his friend had not kept the necessary distance. If he tried to use self-defense tricks, he would not be able to save his friend’s life. “I wanted him to get to his family alive and well. That’s what happened.”

He was seriously injured and lost his legs. He lost more than 2.5 liters of blood that day. The doctors did not give him hope, but he was destined to live.


When the words are unnecessary…


“I was taking exams at the university,” Lilit continues. “After visiting the hospital, my parents always told me about Armen. One day, my father, who wanted to send something for Armen at the hospital, said, “He is a very proud boy. You are of the same age, he will not refuse you.” This is how we got acquainted with Armen. We started talking about books, exchanging books and tapes. This lasted almost six months.

He was given prostheses. I was present when he first tried to stand on them. Doctors urged him to walk with crutches first. But from the very first day he refused, he started walking on his own.

Our relationship warmed up especially when he had to be discharged from the hospital. …




Exactly 25 years ago, on April 7, on the Day of Motherhood and Beauty, 20-year-old freedom fighter Armen Bayramyan and young Lilit Sahakyan took one of the most important steps in their lives. This was the first wedding of a freedom fighter in the post-war period, the testimony of rebirth and resurrection…

25 years together, a quarter of a century full of sacrifices and hardships. “Is it difficult to be a mother and a wife in a serviceman’s family?” I ask Lilit. “It is a great pride, a great happiness for a woman. I am proud of the men in our house. Every day Armen and my son Arman fill me with care and love.”

ENDURANCELt Col l Bayramyan continues his wife’s words. “For me, my family is the basis of my homeland; it is pride, honor, dignity, happiness, love. There is so much to say about the family. My dream was to have someone by my side who could understand me without words. I am a happy person, I found her.”




Photos by AREG VARDANYAN and from BAYRAMYANS family album

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