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PREVENTIVE MEASURES PROVE EFFECTIVEAn interview with Col SARGIS TITANYAN, commander of a military unit


“Colonel, how is the spread of the new coronavirus prevented in your military unit, what additional sanitary and hygienic measures are being taken?”

“The orders and instructions of the Chief of the General Staff and the Chief of the Military Medicine Department with regard to the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus are fully implemented. All officers and non-commissioned officers entering the military unit, all the staff, are checked for temperature at checkpoints, the medical staff of the military unit immediately informs me of any symptoms of respiratory diseases, and if anyone with relevant symptoms is immediately excused from service, goes home and returns to service only after he is recover. I would like to add that any sick soldier is being treated at home under the supervision of the medical staff of the military unit. Every day, a medical worker visits him, checks the temperature and monitors the treatment.”

“How did the soldiers and especially their parents react to the existing restrictions?”

“I have to thank the parents of our soldiers for their high level of consciousness and understanding. They unconditionally obeyed the established order, no one tried to break it; they did not look for any way to see their sons or send them food.’

“Mr. Titanyan, what is the reason for banning the use of smartphones in military units and positions?”

“By the way, not only soldiers are not allowed to use smartphones, but also officers, non-commissioned officers and the entire personnel. Smartphones are modern means of communication, allowing you to eavesdrop on conversations not only when talking on the phone, but also when the device is turned off. It is a rich source of information for the enemy. That’s why smartphones are not allowed, but the personnel can use simpler phones.”

“In this period, infectious respiratory diseases are increasing both in civilian life and in the army, to put it simply, seasonal flu is becoming more active. In that sense, what is the situation in the military unit?”

“Compared to the same period of the previous year, the seasonal flu has decreased, which is explained by the improvement of sanitary and hygienic conditions and limited communication. By the way, compared to the same period last year, the level of discipline has also improved by 75%.”



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