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OVERCOMING ALL DIFICLUTIESWomen in epaulettes are not enlisted in the military; they join it only voluntarily. Many of them are involved in military training, communication, medical, food or logistics. After receiving their education in military educational institutions, many of our women and girls later joined the ranks of the officers of the Armed Forces.

… Sen Lt Nune Asatryan, a well-trained officer, commander of the Shturm-S anti-tank division platoon has been serving in the Armed Forces for more than three years now.

After graduating from the Department Economics of the Yerevan University of Architecture, Nune made an unexpected decision and chose a master’s degree program at the Vazgen Sargsyan Military University.

“My family was surprised by my decision, they were against it. My father asked, ‘Do you realize where you’re going? What are you going to do?’ I said, ‘No.’ But soon, with my father’s help, I started my military career,” Nune recalls.

She served in a military training unit. Although she had lots of knowledge, but it was only after the combat shooting that she felt all the power, strength and fighting ability of the equipment, and how much responsibility she will bear …

It was difficult at first, but gradually the fear of not overcoming those difficulties passed.

“I am constantly learning and improving my professional skills. During the exercise, I hit the target accurately. In general, I am satisfied with the level of my training,” says Nune.

The role of women in the army is already understood and accepted by men. But a few years ago, they thought it was not realistic to have girls carrying real weapons in the military. The presence of a woman in a harsh military environment solves many problems. According to Nune, the priority is to show restraint.

… The next stop on Nune’s career path will be that of the battery commander.

“I don’t think about it yet, I’m in the process of learning and developing. The functions of the battery commander are much more, the responsibility and workload increases. I can only say with confidence that no matter what high position I am appointed to in the future, I will serve with the same devotion and the same aspiration for professional development.

Women like Sen Lt Nune Asatryan, who have a strong spirit and future mothers, are still ready to defend and keep the peace of our country next to men …


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