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THE COUNTRY IN YOUR PALM ...Recently, we were in a military unit guarding and protecting the northeast border. We could not miss the opportunity to visit the boys performing the daily difficult service on the snow-capped peaks. We are climbing up the positions accompanied by the commander of the military unit, Col Vazgen Vardanyan. He has served in the armed forces for 25 years. From the platoon commander to the military unit commander – he has passed a difficult and honorable path. He has served in different parts of our country, ten years of service life on the border. The difficult road is cut short by our conversation with the commander.


“The military unit is a constantly evolving and self-improving organism,” says the colonel. “As I walk around these days, I see the great work that has been done over the years. Each of the commanders has a positive impact on the history of the military unit. And we have to continue the endless work of  putting stone to stone, refining it, adding to it.

… I was still in school when the Artsakh movement started, war broke out. They were forming groups… The main focus of those years was the independence, unification of Artsakh, our victories. My father was a soldier, he was often on the front lines. So the question of choosing my profession was clear from that time on.”

“What important principles do you use when dealing with your subordinates?”

“The most important principle is not to give in to difficulties. I have had many hard days, many… but have never given in. One of the important principles is that you should never be content with what you have achieved. The moment you stop making progress, rest assured you have already made a big step back.”

“In what conditions do our officers serve today?”

“In recent years there has been significant and steady progress in the supply of weapons, armaments in our army, so the enemy takes us seriously.”

“Beyond these mountains are the positions of the enemy … What is the border situation now?”

“At the moment it is relatively quiet. The adversary is “at ease” when he knows that the weapon is ready for you here.

By Knar Tadevosyan

Photo by the author

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