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I always compare myself with someone stronger than me. I give myself tasks that are beyond my powers; then I relentlessly move to do that task. I’m a fighter and I love to win. New sources of power open up at extreme moments.

The ring is all about me. In the ring, you have to surpass yourself. You have to be brave. My dreams have always been bold; I’ve always strived for the best. When I was just starting boxing, my goal was to become a world champion. And I trained with crazy dedication. Honest struggle inspires me. I take losing very hard, but I prefer to lose in the ring rather than live a life of no purpose.




The destiny told me to stop right when I was ready to conquer the world (there was so much power, self-confidence, energy and determination in me). I had a foot injury. And verdict was that  I will not be able to continue training. It was as if I was climbing step by step up the mountain and was almost on the top of it but suddenly the stone under my foot slid and I rolled down the bottom. I was in a shock for a moment. Then I quickly got up and decided that I would climb another mountain with a higher peak and a more difficult climb. And I came to the Vazgen Sargsyan Military University. I knocked on a door, and I didn’t know what was behind it. But then it turned out that I was there to find my world. The world of dedication, courage, strength, honor, victory.


On the border


During the April war I asked the head of the Military University to send me to Talish, the most dangerous post. He said no. After graduating from the military university, I volunteered for Talish, this time as an officer, a platoon commander. I was the commander of  an outpost, holding three positions with my troops.

It is the commander that turns troops into soldiers. A group of armed men become soldiers when they are ready to sacrifice their lives for the homeland and for each other. We always defeated the enemy when we had troops. Five fought against 500 when we became an army as a nation.


I accepted the challenge


The enemy was building a three-meter watchtower directly under our nose, that is, it was directly threatening the security of the border and my soldiers. We had to stop them. The danger of being seen was high, so it was not my soldiers, but I was supposed to carry out the action. The enemy sniper noticed me. The bullet hit my nose and reached my neck. I came to consciousness 15 days later. I opened my eyes and realized that I was alive. A broken face, a wounded, but there is life in me.

I do not regret having chosen the officer’s profession. I do not regret that I went to Talish voluntarily.

… Again my ascent was interrupted. Again I slipped and found myself at point zero. And I say to myself,

“Stand up and go ahead. I’m ready for a battle. I will climb again, my eyes on the top of the mountain that is in the clouds. Step by step, inch by inch. I will give everything to the Homeland. The adversary’s bullet can kill me but never win. Because as long as my heart beats, I will stand up and walk to the top of the mountain…


By Gayane Poghosyan

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