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READY TO RETALIATE, AND GO FURTHER...The Sisakan Regiment recently celebrated its 26th anniversary. The regiment has a rich history; it was formed on the basis of volunteer detachments, participated in various military operations. Its founding commander was Hovik Azoyan, an awardee of the Battle Cross 2nd degree medal.

Currently the commander of the regiment is Col. Vazgen Hakobyan, a soldier dedicated to his job, who has been in the army for almost 25 years.


“Colonel, how would you assess the situation at the border guarded by the military unit under your command?”

“The operational-tactical situation is calm, stable, no violations of ceasefire have been registered by the enemy, and there is no tension. Although knowing well the “signature” of the enemy, we never sit back, or relax, and are always ready to respond, and even go further. We are constantly upgrading and upgrading our defense structures, strengthening the relevant directions.

“In some border areas of your subordinate military unit the service is carried out in high mountainous areas, at altitudes of 3500 m and above, in harsh climatic conditions.”

“By the way, we have a base from which even Mount Ararat can be seen … In the area, the difficult climatic conditions, the mountainous, sloping terrain really complicate the conditions of combat duty. Occasionally, the snow is so abundant, so strong that it closes the gates, making the road impassable just minutes in advance. All this, I repeat, requires extensive, consistent work, both planned and off-plan. Dams are being laid, earthworks, stone cladding, trench lifting …

It should also be noted that the protection of the front line is organized mainly by contractors, who are mainly residents of the area”.

“The welfare of the servicemen is an important component for the combat efficiency of the army. In 2019, 28 servicemen of the military unit were provided with official housing.”

“Of course, a safe and dignified lifestyle increases the combat readiness of the military.”

“The most important component of combat readiness is professional knowledge ..”.

“Knowledge is at the heart of every success in the military. Professional, tactical training is always in the focus of our military unit. Both soldiers and officers must be proficient in their professional knowledge and be constantly improved”.




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