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A LARGE BAG OF WARMTH FOR SOLDIERS FROM MRS. ANUSHMrs. Anush carefully arranged the pairs of warm wool socks she has knitted, placing the corresponding size inside each pair. These are her gifts for the soldiers at the combat positions. She was thinking of helping soldiers since the April War. But friends were skeptical, saying that they won’t reach the soldiers. And now Mrs. Anush is leaving with one of the highest bases in Artsakh with the Zinuzh Media crew.

Each pair of socks took about seven hours to knit. “When knitting I was trying to imagine the soldier who would wear my sock. I thought that my gift would not only make his feet warmer but also his soul… ”

Undoubtedly, Mrs. Anush is a gentle and sensitive artist. She got music education and was a singer.

Mrs. Anoush has loved knitting since she was 18, and for the past eight years, this has been her favorite occupation. Ten years ago she lost her beloved husband, the only child – the daughter — got married, lives in Russia. “I have no son, but when I see a soldier on the street or on television I get excited thinking they could be my sons.”

… We are on our way. Mrs. Anush has not been able to leave Yerevan for 25 years. She enjoys the scenery of our picturesque country. We are entering Artsakh. “What ornaments, what beautiful colors. I will definitely use this combination in my work …” Mrs. Anoush goes on.

A LARGE BAG OF WARMTH FOR SOLDIERS FROM MRS. ANUSH… The winding road passes through the snow-capped mountains. Spring has not yet arrived here … “Where are our boys serving?” The base is at a dizzying height. Most of the mountains are as if under our feet. The guest here is greeted by hard-working, confident, soldiers. Smiles on his face, fire and warmth in his eyes.

Coming out of the basement, Mrs. Anoush goes to the next stop of today’s visit. She hands out the socks to the soldiers. “Guys, I have knitted them with great affection and warmth for you. Wear them, take care of yourselves be proud, as you are now.”

… As we were taking Mrs. Anush home, it was already a deep night. She was grateful to the Ministry of Defense and the Zinuzh Media

“I will never, never will I forget this day …” she said when saying goodbye to us.

By Knar Tadevosyan

Photo by the author

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