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HIDDEN BEAUTY OF THE ARMYIn many armies of the world, there are no restrictions to serve for women. The female servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces are no exception, they perform complex training tasks, serve on the front lines and as part of a special unit.

These beauties disguised in special dyes are the first female servicemen of the Army landing group,  the first ones who have made bold decisions .

“Many people think that women would not be successful in this field … In fact, I can do everything men do.”

The other heroine who has gone through tough choices, who has overcome physical and psychological tests, also does not like to talk about professional difficulties and tries to prove by her example that girls too can and should serve in the Armenian army.

“One of my primary goals is to break all the stereotypes about military service for women.”

The beauties in uniforms demonstrate close-fight tricks designed specifically for women. Thriving to bring to perfecting their professional abilities and being the best, girls train every day, learning new skills, learning other tactics that are ready to be put into action at any moment in a real fight.

“You have to be organized, attentive, patient…” the beauty sniper about the peculiarities of her profession with great excitement, adding that there are enormous danger and the responsibility. “There is no alternative, you have to do the task and hit the target with a single shot.”

“To determine the distance to the target, the direction of the wind, the speed, and so on, and then shoot accurately — this is goal of a sniper. One mistake will be fatal, so we must constantly train and improve.”

The professional choices and career paths of these heroines, unlike many, are no obstacle to combining family life and lifestyle with military service. Although their decision to serve in the special forces in families was initially unequivocal, the picture is quite different now.

“I am married, I have a baby … A couple of years ago, my parents were worried about how I was going to serve. The doubts gradually dissipated.

When off duty and without special dyes, it is almost impossible to recognize. Never revealing their secret and special mission, these y heroines half-jokingly point out that they are not special when off duty, they are just like all Armenian girls.

“We behave in a way that no one suspects that we are snipers in the military. Like all women, we love to beautiful dresses and makeup.”

These beauties join in the congratulations on spring holidays.

“We want all women to have an endless smile and a peaceful, prosperous life, let them never lose their charm and beauty.”



Photo by Mnatsakan Yeprikian

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