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SOUTHERN BORDERThis combat position is low, in the rocks. Those carrying out service here are conscripts who are extremely experienced. They have also accumulated experience on-site in daily training, and drills. Everyone knows how to act when the bell rings: the border is disturbed, there is a movement. The off-duty shift does not waste time. They line up, get armed, and rush to their assigned SOUTHERN BORDERpositions.

Position guards attribute their success first of all to a sense of responsibility; they understand the importance of what they are doing, as the last foothold of the far line is a haven of security, protection, and counterattack. Here the commander guarantees warm interpersonal relations. Those in charge of the moral and psychological state of the troops are often on the front lines, next to the officers, listening to them and giving advice. The format of discussions and conversations often changes from individual dialogue to question and answer. As darkness ends, conversations end, alertness quadruples …

The highlands surrounding the lower bases of the southern border are the dividers here – ours and the enemy, day and night…



Photo by Mnatsakan Yeprikian

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