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SEVEN SONS FOR THE ARMYArtsakh war veteran Sargis Brutyan has 12 children: seven sons and five daughters. His wife, Anahit Hovakimyan, sent seven sons to the army to defend various parts of the front line. After discharge, five of the seven sons continued to serve in the armed forces as contractors. I am talking with Arshaluys Brutyan, the fifth of the Brutyans’ 12 children.

“I don’t remember my father in my childhood. My father was on the border during the Artsakh war. After the war, he began serving in the army as a platoon commander and spent half of the month on the combat positions. After coming down from the positions, he would come home so late from the military unit and go back to service so early that we were asleep. My mother is an exceptional woman, devoted to her husband and children.”

“Did you decide long ago that you had to become a soldier?”

“No. I made up my mind when serving as a conscript. I liked the army. After discharge, I enrolled in the military as a contractor, and I have been serving for 12 years now.

“Why did you decide to become a paramedic?”

“I was told that the platoon needed a paramedic and was offered to study at a paramedics’ school. I agreed, because paramedics provide first aid, saving lives. My profession will also be useful in my civilian life.

“Why don’t you get married? Can’t you afford having a family on your salary as a contract serviceman?”

“I just have not find a girl to start a family with. I want a kind of wife that welcomes all of my relatives, friends, and be hospitable and kind to them. She also should put up with the fact that I am going to spend half of the month on the combat positions. My parents have seven sons, five daughters and 11 grandchildren. I have to fulfill my father’s dream of having a son who will bear my father’s name, surname, and patrimony: Sarkis Brutian, the son of Arshaluys.


By Gayane Poghosyan

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