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THEIR STRUGGLE CONTINUES ...At the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center, Arman, Avetis and all the other boys are united by the same fate. Each of them chose the homeland and their people over his own life and health, and without hesitation went into battle to defend the land and country. Their struggle continues, but now already … to restore lost health and return to full life.

Avetis Zargaryan is a participant of the April four-day operation. He sustained a severe gunshot wound to the neck, the bullet struck his jaw, then damaging the back, several ribs and spinal cord. “When I first opened my eyes, I couldn’t realize or maybe I just didn’t want to accept the seriousness of my condition. I thought it was a minor injury, it would take a few days for me to fully recover and return to service. ”

But the medicine has not yet reached the level where a person with such wounds could survive, let alone walking. That is why Avetis was initially discouraged, did not believe that he would ever walk or move, but after four years of daily struggle and persistent efforts, something happened that even the doctors considered a miracle; Avetis began to walk on his own.

The bullet damaged Avetis’s health but failed to break his will. The young person with a strong personality overcomes himself day by day. He is constantly training, doing various exercises, which help him regain limb mobility day by day.

Arman Movsisyan was injured by the enemy eleven years ago. The soldier that found himself between life and death, who had long been unconscious, had lost his ability to speak and move. He has almost completely restored since, can speak and walking, and now he recalls what had happened to him with a smile.

“In the beginning, I served in the division, I was not supposed to go to posts, but when I saw the guys go to the front line, I said I should join them. I was wounded at the border, I had a gunshot wound to the head by a sniper.”

THEIR STRUGGLE CONTINUES ...For more than a decade, Arman has been training for 5-6 hours every day, practicing, following all the doctors’ instructions, fighting for life, and now he rightly bears a winner’s title.

“To be honest, I was discouraged for in the beginning, then I told myself: this is not how it should be – I have to get involved, live an active life like the rest. I started my treatment, my speech became normal, I made new friends. ”

Now Arman lives a full life and he has a job.

Far from the front lines, boys are now continuing their “struggle” to return to a full-fledged life, to work, and to be useful for their country and the people.


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