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THE TOUGH GUYSThere are those units whose training takes into consideration the adverse weather conditions. The Special Forces crews waited for the cold winter days before climbing the mountaines in low visibility and subzero temperatures. The warm winter weather is not to their liking. The northern guards of Tavush spend their days in high-altitude zones far from the military unit, on the wooded slopes of the mountain range, with weapons, armor, watching the provisional enemy, attacking and destroying them, when needed, neutralizing the danger that threatens us. After eliminating the provisional target, several options for safe return to the exit point are also developed.

These guys are drawn to the complexity, dangers, and accuracy of fire. They have been strengthened by the mountains. The main characteristic of a scout is his commitment to each other, to his homeland, to his mission. The scouts never back off. Many are conscripts in this unit. Commanders are absolutely convinced that they are very liable.



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