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THE DEFENDERS OF THE LAND THAT SMELLS LIKE LAVASHWe are in the southwestern border of the republic, in the frontier section of the military unit under the command of LT Col Harutyun Nalbandyan. Just a few years ago, there were short position combats. In some areas, the enemy attempted to conduct position-strengthening engineering works, but the Armenian forces derailed those plans.

“We did an excellent job,” says Lt Col Nalbandyan.

Deputy Commander of the platoon, contract sergeant Edgar Karapetyan is one of the direct participants in this operation, having served in this military unit for six years. There are three contract servicemen in Edgar’s family: his father, himself and his brother Tatul …

This section of the front line is guarded by contract servicemen who are mostly from nearby villages, and as they know the place real well, it makes the service easier, while the breathing of the own lands gives extra strength for serving more devotedly, responsibly, and honorably.

THE DEFENDERS OF THE LAND THAT SMELLS LIKE LAVASHAccompanied by Lt Col Nalbandyan, we walk around the posts. Lot of improvements have been done, including engineering and bettering the military personnel’s living conditions.

“We are conducting ongoing trainings on increasing combat efficiency. We always deliver excellent results in shooting drills,” says the commander and continues, “the front line is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. The border is under complete control.”

There are many servicemen in the military unit who are relatives to each other: brothers or father and son. Three of Daniel Zalibekyan’s five brothers carry out the sacred mission of a Homeland Defender.

It is obvious that there are friendly and warm relations here, people are warm and attentive to one another. The efficiency of the army and the efficiency of its tasks are largely dependent on human potential, their friendliness, mutual trust and respect.

The enemy is just 700-800 meters away. The return road passes through the village. The cool air of the village is filled with fresh baked lavash. In frontier settlements, the residents are busy with their business, confident that their native land is reliably protected…



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