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From September 26 till October 8 the final stage of “The Best Artillery Battery” Competition was conducted. The Committee consisted of RA AF Rocket Troops & Artillery Department’s specialists comprehensively checked the everyday service of the batteries, their ability to fulfill formulated tasks, firing and fire-control, their tactical, technical and special training.

According to one of the officers of the Department Lieutenant Colonel Topchyan, the results of the Competition showed that in comparison with the previous competitions fire-control skills of artillery batteries commanders and senior officers have improved, the time of qualifying standards implementation by settlements and detachments have decreased. During the Competition basically Д-20, Д-30 guns and БМ-21 fighting vehicles were used.

The winner of the Competition was recognized Д-20 guns battery of Captain A.Pepanyan whose crew was rewarded with valuable presents.

A proposal was brought forward to include in service promotion reserves those batteries commanders who won prize-winning places.

Arsen Aghekyan

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