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CONSCRIPTION IN KASHATAGHThe heavy snowfall did not prevent the conscripts from the most remote communities of the southern and northern wings of the Kashatagh region – Kovsakan, Lernahovit and other settlements – to reach Berdzor and to submit to the Regional Military Commissariat ON time. Military Commissar Major Stepan Ohanjanyan is happy; the conscription is properly organized.

“As always, this time too all the conscripts showed up. We have worked well with community leaders.”

The conscription department is bustling. Representatives of the Buniatyan Regional Medical Center of Kashatagh are here. Doctor Violeta Asryan informed that after the age of 16 (until the age of 18) conscripts receive 6 vaccines. The latest vaccine is against the flu. Captain Hovhannes Bayatyan, the head of the conscription unit, talks with the future soldiers finalizes the documents, gives instructions. The only son of Rudik Sargsyan and Angin Mkhitaryan, Sargis, is the youngest in the house, the only sibling of five sisters. The mother is a little concerned – her only son goes to the army.

He will soon start protecting the homeland and the family.

Sargis’s family came from Yerevan in 2000 and settled in Vaghazin village of Kashatagh region. For nineteen years this family has been engaged in building the liberated homeland. Karen Sahakyan is from Lernahovit community. He finished school two years ago, engaged in farming and bettering his home. The time has come, and he showed in the military commissariat. His brother, Karlen, has been serving in the Artsakh Army for a year now. Karen wants to join his brother and serve in the same military unit. Mayis Khojayan from Spitakajur is sending his second son to the military. Robert Badalyan’s family in 1997 moved from Shatin village of Yeghegnadzor to Aygek, established a house and garden. The youngest of his five sons, Arthur, is going to the army today. Edward, Alik, Aram and Arsen have completed their service terms. Today is Arthur’s turn. Their mood is high. They had a good time, and today they all have come to send their son and brother.

Harutyun Harutyunyan from Berdzor is the father of six children. Today Andranik, his firstborn, is leaving for the army. The father is sure that Andranik is ready to fight, he will become a good soldier.

Recruitment documents are ready. The time has come to say goodbye. Deputy Commissar Kamo Alaverdyan, in the corridor of the Military Commissariat, where he welcomes the conscripts, once again inquired about their health, personal and family problems.

Commissar Stepan Ohanjanyan welcomed the boys and said: “From now on you are a soldier of the homeland and you must obey the military order. I urge you to be disciplined, to listen to the commanders. I am sure that you will keep the honor of both your parents and the Kashatagh region. ”


Zohrab Erkoyan

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