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Long ago it was proved that understanding of war reasons by a serviceman considerably affects his personality and moral-psychological merits. One of the evidence is the Artsakh liberation war against the Azeri invaders.

“The military-political leadership of Azerbaijan was not able to clearly present to its nation the aims of the dictated to NKR and Armenia war, and to lift the bellicose spirit”, – says psychologist, PhD in Psychology, associate professor, Colonel Vazgen Markaryan.

According to him, the Artsakh war showed that enemy’s multiple superiority in manpower and warlike equipment is nothing before the military spirit of our soldiers who were determined to free their historical Homeland.

Colonel Margaryan recalls the words of Armenian former Defense Minister, Hero of Armenia and Artsakh Vazgen Sarkisyan in 1997 during the solemn function dedicated to the 5th anniversary of creation of suicide attackers’ battalion.

“What do you think, if Azerbaijan after the defeats in Lachin and Kelbajar would have been able to unite and find at least 500 soldiers ready for self-sacrifice for their people, could we win? Even in Shoushi they couldn’t find those 500 to fight against our forces. That means the spirit of the Azeri people is not there, this means that nation is condemned to impotence!”

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