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These days the Basic Military Training Class of the School No.77 after Rouben Miroyan in Yerevan was named after the warriors-volunteers detachment “Aramo”, participants of Artsakh liberation war.

In this connection a solemn function was organized in participation with “Aramo” Detachment’s legendary commander Colonel Aram Torgomyan (Aramo), his comreades-in-arms, servicemen, NGO representatives, pupils with their parents and teachers.

The pupils told the audience about the Detachment’s glorious military way, its numerous victories over the predominating enemy – Azeri aggressors.

“This land is unspeakably dear to us, it is sanctified with blood of our perished friends, – told the Commander Aramo, excited with the pupil’s performance. – The enemy wouldn’t dare to violate our border even in mind. We are with the Army! We shall do everything for our children to live in peace and happiness!”

Major General Arkadiy Ter-Tadevosyan (Commandos): “I am very excited and proud that our warrior-liberators’ fearless spirit has passed to the new generation”.

Lieutenant General Mouraz Sargsyan: “We are strong, we shall win because today in our schools a new generation is being brought up who adore their Homeland. We have worthy successors. Our Motherland is in reliable and strong hands!”

Alisa Alaverdyan

Category: #40 (905) 13.10.2011 – 19.10.2011, Army and Society, News, Spotlight