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PRESENTATION OF THE BOOKOn September 23, the Joint Session of the Specialized Council 056 “Political Science and International Relations” of the Supreme Certifying Commission and the Academic Council of the National Defense Research University (NDRU), MOD, RA was held at the NDRU. The presentation of the book titled “The Peculiarities of Turkish Foreign Policy during the Decade-long Rule of the Justice and Development Party (2002-2012)” by Andranik Israyelyan, PhD in History; Research fellow at the Center for Regional Strategic Analyses, Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS), NDRU, MOD, RA, was on the session’s agenda.

The session was chaired by the Head of the NDRU, MOD, RA, Doctor of Political Science, Professor, LTG Hayk Kotanjian. Dr. Kotanjian noted that the young research fellows of the NDRU are committed to develop and raise the level of security studies in Armenia closely cooperating with leading international research universities, first of all, with the colleagues from the US National Defense University, through studying their experience and adapting it in Armenia, for the benefit of the enhancement of the state’s security. In this context, he highly appreciated Andranik Israyelyan’s scholarly work from the perspective of studying our neighbor state’s foreign policy.

Andranik Israyelyan’s monograph analyses the theoretical bases of Turkey’s foreign policy under the decade-long rule of the Justice and Development Party, and examines the practical directions. The monograph reflects on Turkey’s foreign policy influence on the interests of the Republic of Armenia of Armenians as a whole. The book is intended for historians, diplomats, international relations’ specialists, as well as a wide range of readers.

Beniamin Poghosyan, Deputy Head for Academic Affairs of the NDRU, PhD in History, and other members of the NDRU’s Academic Council and Specialized Council 056 took the floor during the session. They praised Andranik Israyelyan’s monograph and wished him further success in his future academic career.

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