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Commander of radiation, chemical and biological protection troops, head of department, Colonel


Our troops have and acquire more sophisticated and protective equipment

During the recent military actions the Azerbaijani side has accused us in the use of white phosphorus. This chemical agent is banned by international conventions. However, white phosphorus is not used in the open field. This is a chemical weapon, which is usually used in open fields, or to decommission the equipment, but the enemy “discovered” it in the open field. Probably they wanted to say – Armenia tried to use chemical weapons, but missed.

With this Azerbaijan tried to kill two birds with one stone: the first – to present to international organizations that allegedly the Armenian armed forces used banned chemical weapons, and the second – with this they wanted to justify the cases of the use of chemical agents by their own armed forces. They used a mixture of CS type, and we own the actual data on this. Our department’s function is – protection from chemical and biological weapons. Any action using weapons banned by international conventions, our divisions did not carry out, and will not carry out.




Deputy Chief of Air Defense Forces of RA Armed Forces-deputy chief of department, Colonel


Air-defense forced the enemy to abandon the further use of aviation

During the four-day fighting the military of air defense units have proven to be experienced professionals. Note that since April 2, losing two helicopters and a dozen drones, the enemy refused to continue the use of aviation. And that is saying a lot.

In addition, the air-defense forces have made a number of innovations that have fully justified themselves. In parallel to fighting, we managed to develop and implement better ways to detect and shoot down drones. Even the troops were sent manuals about it.

Based on the recent experience of fighting, a number of activities were done, which resulted in the increase of potential of our air defense. In particular, air defense forces will be equipped with thermovision reconnaissance devices, optical equipment, and other means…

If we compare the degree of preparation of our units in 1992-94 (when I was the commander of the air defense division), and now, even I can not find common ground. The current generation is smarter, more confident. All they fought heroically all are the real heroes!




Chief of Staff of the RA Armed Forces aviation, Colonel


New generation of aviators is ready for any combat task

From the first days of April the flight crews were ready to perform combat missions. In a short time the enemy realized that he will not be able to use their air forces. The main role of our Air Force was to transport the wounded from the combat zones, which were carried out with great promptness and professionalism. As a result, we had no losses among the wounded.

I would like to emphasize the role of the forge of military pilots – Military Aviation Institute after Armenak Khanperyants. The thing is that there are few countries that are able on their own to prepare high-quality pilots, ready to go to the front right from college. And I can say that the new generation of our aviators has high training, knowledge and skills, ready at any time to protect the security of the air borders of our country.


Prepared Knar Tadevosyan


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