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ONE ARMENIAN MAN IS WORTH 100 TURKSOn May 23, Rafael Hovhannisyan turned 20. He was recently awarded the Order of “Battle Cross” of 2nd degree. During the four-day war he shot down 3 enemy tanks.

Rafael is native of Gyumri. His father Gevorg is a driver, and his mother, blue-eyed Anahit is a nurse. He has also two sisters. When I asked Rafael what he wants to convey to recruits, he said: “Tell them – one Armenian man is worth 100 Turks.”

Parents say that since childhood Rafael was a very peaceful, closed in himself child. He lived in his own world.

– My son has learned from me to love hard work, respect elders, – said Gevorg. – I had a good job in Germany, I could stay there, but I came back because man must live on his own land. Bekor Ashot said – “Every Armenian should feel that Armenia will be gone without him.” During the service of Rafo, we have not heard any complaints from him, he forbade us to come to the military unit,  even to send him something. From the internet, we learned that Artsakh President awarded him the Order of “Battle Cross”.

Parents recall different events from Rafael’s life, and I see that this family of five still lives in two-room trailer, which they received after the earthquake in 1988…


Gayaneh Pogosyan

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