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The class of basic military training of the school no. 59 after Hakob Paronyan bears the name of Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, and the “platoon” of ninth-year schoolchildren – the name of the perished in the Artsakh war warrior Armen Hovhannisyan.

Recently, the school held a “Lesson of memory and worship” with the participation of the legendary Commandos and the mother of squad leader, Sergeant Armen Hovhannisyan. Students recalled episodes from his life, when he saved the life of his comrades, and died the death of a hero.

General rises on the scene, he is excited:

– Who do you want, you be, get what you want, but you have to defend your country at the cost of your life.

The organizers of the event also spoke: school director Samvel Adamyan, teacher of Armenian language and literature Hasmik Gasparyan, Basic military training teacher, Colonel Perch Gevorgyan, class-head Aregnazan Mkrtchyan, representative of the Union of Volunteers Yerkrapah Nikolay Poghosyan.

Then mother of the hero – Marineh spoke:

– My son will live as long as there are followers of his case. My son will live until generations are ready to give their life for the salvation of the fatherland.



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