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YES - TO CHARITY, NO – TO OSTENTATIOUS ACTIONS!What is charity, how it should be?

This question I asked the Dean of YSU Faculty of Oriental Studies Gurgen Melikyan.

– The April events have shown that our people carry in their blood the desire for freedom. I am impressed. And how not to marvel when you see how the whole nation, without invitation of any state structure, readily go to the front to defend the homeland. And the desire of people is natural – to be useful to the country and the people.

Charity is welcome, but it should be conceptualized, directed. I do not want to demonstratively show that we help the soldier. This is still a big question – who owes whom.

Of course, we owe the 19-year-old guy who did not seem to go to the heroism, but he on the call of the blood became a hero. I bow before them. Thank their parents!

Today the soldier should be proud and be able to say – it’s so good that there are honest people! Charity should not be ostentatious. I have many friends that help our foundation, but do not want their names to be mentioned. Right now I’ve got a big batch of rice, which I’ll send in Artsakh to large families, the disabled, the association of blind. But again, I will not mention names because charity does not like talking about it out loud. You know, in America, France, wifes of billionaires work in hospitals, and no one knows who is who. Charity is a God-pleasing job. If you’re going to act quietly, without showing off, then God will accept your work.

We must also realize that a great mission is put on our shoulders – do not leave soldier alone, and those who misuse must be severely punished.

Who will try to take advantage of this situation, he will be eternally damned.

Prepared by Sh.Stepanyan


PS – Gurgen Melikyan’s “Fund of Kashatagh large families” provides numerous charity programs in the liberated territories. The Fund periodically distributes boots and shoes to schools, assists socially vulnerable families, gives tuition fees at public universities and colleges, etc. And it does quietly, without excessive noise. In the tense days of April, Professor Gurgen Melikyan was standing next to the army and the people.

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