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MOTHERLAND - MOTHER OF A SOLDIER!They say there are no miracles, however, the impossible becomes possible in the Armenian doctors hands.

The other day I visited the wounded soldiers in the Surgical department of the Central Clinical Hospital on permission of chief, Lieutenant Colonel Sevak Shahbazyan.

I wanted my book – “The advise of the King” – to give the soldiers. In a nutshell, I presented the book. Most of all they were interested in my dream where I saw the King of Kings Tigran the Great and asked for advise – how he was able to make Armenia so Great? Everyone wanted to know the answer. However, when I said that the King of Kings demanded an answer from us – what we have done or not done, why and how we have made his country weak? – the boys said in unison:

– We will return our lands!

Nelson is a military by contract from Artsakh. He narrowly escaped, our surgeons have returned him from the dead. Contract soldier from Vardenis Albert waits impatiently, when healed, to go to the position. And Vahan arrived from St. Petersburg to give his duty to his homeland. Here are Vachik, Edward, Edgar, Benik, Armenak – all had serious surgery. I gave all of them my book with inscription: “My Hero Soldier! Let all your life be accompanied by victories of Tigran”.

From April 2, two weeks the hospital worked in barracks mode. Day and night, the doctors were in the departments. Divisions of General Surgery and Traumatology of the hospital did everything possible and impossible, giving life to the young soldiers and reducing their disability.

I, as a citizen of Armenia, am grateful to staff of the Central Clinical Military Hospital for their caring and compassionate work.

Victory to our soldier, our army!


Marie Barseghyan-Khanjyan

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