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THIS IS AN ORDERI talk to 20-year-old Harutyun Badalyan, who recently received the Order of the “Battle Cross”.


– The power of man is not in his body, but in spirit, – said Harutyun.

– This medal is not only yours, – I say. – It’s mine, too, because… it links you and me.

– Because I got this medal, protecting you, – continues Harutyun and begins his story. – All of a sudden, I noticed that two Azerbaijanis go to our dugout. I rushed forward, and my weapon fired first. Two were finished. Then… I fought for the life of my comrade, for dignity, for the position, for the land… and much more. When they began to retreat, I decided to pursue them. My injured leg did not listen to, but I went ahead. When I no longer had the strength to stand on my feet, I shot lying.

– And how such decisions are born?

– I always wanted to feel myself strong, exceptional. I myself asked to be transferred to the most dangerous position. When the enemy was shooting at me, I thought that the man must die beautifully. To live godly and honestly – this is also heroism. My father suffered a lot of hardship so his family will not be in need. I, like my father, like to reach heights myself and to fully enjoy the victory. There is no greater pride than self-esteem. The homeland gave me “Battle Cross”, as an order – infinitely rise and become stronger, to be useful to more people. My formula for happiness is – happiness is when you determine the fate of thousands, millions of people, and they bless you.


Interviewed by Gayaneh Pogosyan

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