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ANOTHER BUBBLE OF THE AZERBAIJANI FALSE PROPAGANDA BURSTAs you know, the Azerbaijani attack on Karabakh, the new escalation of the war and the war crimes of the Azerbaijani Army were the main topics of the world’s media, more than 100 representatives of which are in Artsakh and spread operational information from the front.

With a group of foreign journalists, we arrived at Mataghis, which was shot on the eve by the enemy. Because of this, work on asphalting the road leading to Mataghis was stopped. And everywhere the traces of shelling could be seen: on the school, houses, objects of national economic importance. Fortunately, during the shelling there were no students at the school.

NKR Prosecutor’s Office has opened a criminal case on charges of war crimes of Azerbaijan against the Republic of Artsakh. Their legal assessment is very important to prosecute criminal regime of Azerbaijan in the framework of international law.

Among the population there was no panic, and the soldiers said that their morale is high.

Azerbaijani pro-government media spread false information that allegedly Mataghis is taken. However, the reality is quite different. Bubble of Azerbaijani false propaganda burst when foreign journalists on the spot personally were convinced that the Azeris lie. They have long crossed the boundaries of reason, distorted the real picture of the conflict, presenting wishful thinking.

We are confident that the day of reckoning is not far off this fictitious formation – Azerbaijan, and that day will undoubtedly bring lasting peace to our troubled region.


Mesrop Harutyunyan

Category: #16 (1136) 04.05.2016 - 10.05.2016, National army, News, Spotlight