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KHACHIK, HRAYR, SHANTDad, it’s me, I’m not dead!

We are again in the ward number 5 of the military hospital, where Davit, Arman, Eric, Narek and Khachik are getting treatment. Khachik’s hand is injured.

– 7-8 hours they were constantly bombarding the battalion and we could not go into hiding, – says Khachik. – When the commander said we lost the position, I felt rage, pain, and shame. We were saying to each other – we must return our position. And then it was like in war movies. After the first blow I felt no pain, but the second wave took me and threw aside. My arm hung lifelessly… I did not die. My father was told that I died. All the relatives gathered, and suddenly the “dead” calls up. Can you imagine the state of my father when he heard my voice, when I said – Dad, it’s me, I’m not dead!


You are ready to give not one, but ten lives

KHACHIK, HRAYR, SHANTHrayr Baghdasaryan tells so vividly that I wanted to be a director and make a film.

– It all began on the night of April 2. On the video unit, we saw that 7-8 people are approaching. The battalion commander gave the order to shoot. For the sabotage group it was a surprise. They fled, leaving 3 dead. After some time, mortar fire hit us. Communication was interrupted, the enemy helicopters appeared above our heads. We ran into our shelter. But when we made observation, we realized that the real battle has just begun – a detachment of 40 people approached us, and we had a total of 9 people. I do not think that they were soldiers because they were unshaven middle-aged people in worn-out clothes. When I tried to get out of the trench, three grew up in front of me. I threw a grenade, all three of them exploded. But they also threw me a “gift”. My leg was hurt. With my last strength I threw grenades. Then I felt a pain in my hand and realized that my hand is also hurt. When I came up to the commander to say that I’m wounded, he got wounded, too.

He said, “Take me to the command post.” Before I could answer, he stopped breathing. I could no longer walk and began to crawl. I met an officer and a soldier. The soldier helped me, we passed along 3km. And then… I vaguely remember… the ambulance, the doctors. 5-6 days I was unconscious. When I was listening the fedayeens, who fought in the Artsakh war, often I asked myself – can I give my life for my homeland? Now I know what it is. Sitting at home, you do not understand that. When you are at the border, and the enemy in arms comes into your house, you are ready to give not one, but ten lives for your land.


KHACHIK, HRAYR, SHANTWith the victory, I came down from the position

Shant was operated on yesterday, his leg got amputated. He’s tall, with athletic shape. I ask: – how the Azerbaijanis fight?

– Too bad, – Shant says confidently. – Their only advantage is that they are in big numbers, and they have a lot of weapons and military equipment. But as soon as someone dies, they run away, leaving their comrades in the battlefield. When our fedayeens were telling that Azerbaijanis are cowards, I did not believe, I thought they are bragging about. As soon as I was not convinced of this. You should have seen how the 40-50-year-old bearded “uncles” were escaping from the 18-20-year-old Armenian soldiers!

Shant 4 days and 4 nights fought against Azerbaijani gangs, sometimes not even had the opportunity to go under the shelter. On the last day his leg was hit by enemy mines.

– So good, that I was wounded during the ceasefire, after their retreat. I was able to fight to the end… and triumphantly came down from the position.


Gayaneh Pogosyan

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