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One day in the combat unit “Armenian Eagles”


ARMENIA IS MORE THAN WEThe combat unit “Armenian Eagles” is stationed in Artsvanist, and is operating under the command of the chairman of the military-patriotic NGO “Armenian Eagles”, Colonel Khachik Asryan.

The detachment consists of young guys, dozens of middle-aged volunteers, participants of the Artsakh war, intelligentsia, the former Soviet military who served in Afghanistan. Volunteers go to the front line. On the one hand – the Iranian Plateau, and ahead of them – the positions of the enemy.

In a few days, right “under the nose” of the enemy, skillfully developed a new protection zone with a total length of several kilometers was built, which was highly assessed by high-ranking officers of the RA Armed Forces and NKR Army of Defense.

The lines of trenches and trench cells are used for drawing a large and heavy damage to the enemy with the smallest losses. The positions of the enemy are under constant sight.

Well done boys!


Vacheh Mkrtchyan

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