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MOTHERLAND ALSO IS OUR FOLK SONGSInterview with the artistic director of the ensemble of ancient Armenian music “Tagharan” Sedrak Erkanyan


– Avenger Aram Yerkanian was my relative who in Tiflis shot the Azerbaijani Prime Minister and Minister of Defense – the organizers of the massacres in Baku and Shushi, he was the commander of machine-gun company, heroically fought in Bash-Aparan battle and in Berlin shot Behaeddin Shakir, who as doctor experimented on Armenian children.

By the way, we have to respect our heroes, remember them, it is first necessary to our society, to purify the moral field, raise the spirit of the people. And without a medal Aram Yerkanian is the pride and the sanctity of our family. For me he was a real Armenian, because both courage and intelligence were inside him. He spoke five languages, and when he moved to live in Argentina, in the city of Cordoba, he founded the newspaper “Armenia” and was its chief editor. He wrote the book “How we killed.”

During the Artsakh war, my ensemble gave concerts in Artsvashen, which was surrounded by Azerbaijanis. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the ensemble, and I run it for 22 years. Over the years, “Tagharan” returned to the Armenian people the music of his soul, blood, so that he heard the voice of the ancestors. We want to return to the Armenians their ancient musical art. Today, under the epic we mean only “David of Sassoun”, and yet we have another wonderful musical epic “Karos Khach”.

We also have many very beautiful wedding songs that are sung during the whole ritual. Komitas only rescued from oblivion 108 wedding songs.

Armenian ancient art of music is highly praized by European experts, and it is accepted, understood by the European audience. Every Armenian soldier, an Armenian man, Armenian girl should know that they, as a cultural phenomenon, are of very high, sturdy origins and they have a lot of debt – to preserve what we have and add their share to the national heritage.

I will also say that the whole army is constantly invited to all concerts of the ensemble of ancient music “Tagharan”. It is for us an honor and pride – to see the soldiers and officers in uniform of Armenian Army in the hall!

Gayaneh Pogosyan

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