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The only guarantor of security of Artsakh – is the Armenian Army!


THE INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION OF ARTSAKH HAS NO ALTERNATIVEInterview with the director of the analytical center “Voskanapat” Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan

At the heart of this large-scale aggression by Azerbaijan is a whole complex of motives. The main problem is that this country every day rolls into poverty. This is due to not only the fall in oil prices, but also incompetent policy towards society. Evidence of that is the Panama offshore scandal when it was revealed that Aliyevs possess enormous wealth. And by this military attack Aliyev decided to divert public attention from this.

There are also other reasons, such as the weakening of the role of Turkey in the region. However, the main goal was to achieve a solution of the problems by a short-term war. However, he could not act alone. Behind all this is Turkey.

I also note that military action unleashed by Azerbaijan have been a blow to the mediating countries.

Let’s draw attention to the fact that Azerbaijan has close ties with the Islamic State and there are Islamist militants in the Azerbaijani Army. And the brutal methods of murder of old people of the village of Talish and Yezidi soldier are evidences of this fact.

As for the reaction of the international community about this terrorist attack of Azerbaijan, I would have rated it poorly. We have not heard policy statements. It is noteworthy the address by the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, where he said, that “if military action will have a wide-ranging nature, we will recognize the independence of Artsakh.” The international recognition of Artsakh has no alternative.

I’ll also note that on international layers a dangerous opinion is spread that it is necessary to invite the UN peacekeeping force in Artsakh. Such talks should be prevented in the bud. The only guarantor of security of Artsakh is the Armenian army. I would say more, our guys are today the only guarantor of security, not only in Artsakh but also in the entire region.

As for the behavior of our society, it can be described as very good. Our nation is at a height, both psychologically and ideologically. And I think if we had so many volunteers in those years, the war may have ended in 1994.

Today, this single will strengthens our victory in Artsakh, and the next such provocation could have tragic consequences for Azerbaijan.


Prepared by Hasmik Poghosyan

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