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STRENGTH, SPIRIT, FAITH WON...Honor and glory to you, the soldiers of Armenia!

Thank you going to death without hesitation…

However, we must draw lessons from the four-day war, if we do not want to stand again before the test. On the Karabakh-Azerbaijani zone we saw also horrible, barbaric incidents (beheading a dead soldier, killing of 80-90-year-olds), which are contrary to the principles of international humanitarian law.

We won because hatred, xenophobia, barbarism and atrocities are not peculiar to us. We are united by a common will of defense of the fatherland. After all, only a strong and sovereign state is the guarantor of our lives.

Faith won!

It is time to build the country of our dreams!


Hamo Sharoyan

Chairman of the NGO Council

National Union of Yezidis “Midia-Shangal”

Category: #13 (1133) 13.04.2016 - 19.04.2016, Army and Society, Spotlight