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DEVOT YOUSELF TO SERVICE WITH HEART AND SOUL!For me the expressions “RA Armed Forces”, “Armenian Army”, “Armenian soldiers”, “Fatherland defender” have acquired a definite meaning and content, when my brother, Vladimir Muradyan was called to the army.

My dear Vlad, my younger brother, it is already 8 months, that you serve in the Armenian army. We are missing you so much! But we are proud that you’re protecting our country’s borders. And we’re excited and happy that we have such a soldier like you!

I know, it’s hard to be away from home, but devoting yourself with the heart and soul to the service, time flies quickly and quietly, and we’re going to be proud of your successes and achievements.

Soldier Muradyan – it is so nice for sister to call her brother like that!

It is said that the army years change boys’ world outlook, their mentality. When you were recruited, you already had a mature mind. I’m sure you’ll come back more mature and balanced.

Vlad jan, you have become 19 years old. We all wish you a happy birthday! Among the wishes in the first place is a peaceful service and health. We wish that the days of the army, all the days of your life were rich, proceed joyfully and happily, we wish you to be always surrounded by good friends, smart people.

Be a worthy son of your people and country!

We love you and look forward to your return!


Your sister Mayranush

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