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INEVITABILITY OF PUNISHMENT IS THE GUARANTEE OF THE RULE OF LAWInterview with Military Prosecutor of Armenia Artak Harutyunyan

In 2015 the number of crimes in the armed forces has increased which is mostly due to unprecedented activity of the enemy and an increase in the number of crimes committed by them. The number of crimes against the order of military service increased by 48 cases, and common crimes – on 125. And, crimes committed by the enemy in 2015, compared with the previous year increased by 93 cases. High crimes committed through the fault of our servicemen, dropped by 7 cases, also reduced the number of murders, incidences of fatalities,. Unfortunately, by 4 cases  increased the number of suicides. The analysis showed that all suicides generally have the background, the incident was preceded by a period of hazing.

In accordance with article 200 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the police are obliged to determine the circumstances contributing to the commission of crimes and to submit petitions to the adoption of measures to address them. In 2015, Defence Minister signed a decree which commits the defense system units at short notice to discuss the petition and of the decisions taken to inform law enforcement agencies.

Detection rate of crimes in the Armed Forces was 97,6%. Through the Prosecutor’s check theft cases were discovered. Damage caused to the state in the amount of 605 million drams was returned.

The plan (which consists of 16 provisions) of joint activities of the RA Defense Ministry and Military Prosecutor’s Office is made, which is aimed at strengthening the rule of law in the armed forces.

Sometimes I carry out unannounced visits to military units and positions to be close to the soldier, inspire him. And every time I am convinced that we have a heroic and patriotic generation. I am proud of the Armenian soldier. The most delicious coffee in the world – it is coffee made on the fire on the position by a soldier.

I’ll tell you one incident. When walking along the trench, I noticed that the soldier quietly covers me with his body. When I tried to forbid it, he said, that we can not afford to let the enemy fire at our Attorney, it will inspire them, and we will be demoralized. I was amazed at the maturity, courage and dedication of the 18-year-old guy. The most important, the most valuable person in our country is the soldier standing on the border, and we must do everything so that our soldiers be reckless, proud and feel behind the powerful breath of the country.


Gayaneh Poghosyan

Special correspondent

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