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THE GUNNERS ARE PREPAREDPersonnel of the Division improves combat and professional skills and the degree of cohesion of the different units.

In the RA armed forces different theoretical and practical activities are held provided by the plan of combat training of the educational stage, where are already fully integrated the soldiers, recruited during the last call.

We are in one of the units, in one of the artillery battalion batteries. In addition to training, a lot of attention is paid to the cohesion of the different units.

The general management was conducted by Division Chief of Staff, Major Tatul Hakobyan. Thanks to the professional information provided by the platoon commander, Senior Lieutenant A.Mkrtchyan, recruits fully become aware of powerful artillery armament, the value and use of each part, each device.

The area intended for the field of training, Lieutenant K.Agadzhanyan conducts professional training of control platoon. Soldiers learned mechanisms of measuring angles and distances through professional devices of artillery observation – rangefinder and compass needle.

Under the control of Lieutenant V.Hayrapetyan located in conventional firing position the combat unit brings the gun to aim and performs the appropriate conditional strike. Major Hakobyan assured that the ongoing trainigs are effective and saturated. Recruits are fully engaged in the learning process. If necessary divisions’ units will be able to act as full-fledged combat crew. In the near future the practical skills of personnel will be checked at the time of the camp gathering.

Arsen Agekyan

Photos by Areg Vardanyan

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