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THE SOLDIER MOVES ONLY FORWARD!The soul of the chess game is the pawn. Pawn does not step back. Pawn moves only forward!

A few days ago the championship of chess of the central apparatus ended. First place went to the chief of Logistics Department of the RA Armed Forces, Colonel Arkady Mkrtchyan. By order of Seyran Ohanyan, he was awarded a medal and a diploma.

The chess champion sits in front of the board:

– Everything in life is also black and white, bitter or sweet, good or bad, happy or sad… I started playing chess when I was eight. And I always choose an opponent stronger than me, this is my principle – both in the game, and in life. If you want to be competitive, you must learn from the strong, fight with strong! In chess, as in life – you have to think about a problem a few times, to dig deep, to come to the correct conclusion.

For me, the most spectacular game of chess was the competition between Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov for the world champion title in 1984. They fought 5 months, played 48 games, but the winner has not decided. The game resumed after 6 months. At the 24th game Kasparov was recognized as a world champion. It was a victory of will! It was a great chess lesson: wins the one who is hardy, patient, balanced, who believes in the victory.

Both in chess and in life the most important  is the goal. The goal dictates your every move, your every decision. To avoid mistakes, you have to clearly imagine what you seek. And in chess the goal is one – to hit the opponent’s king. As one of the French outstanding chess players said, “the soul of the chess game is the pawn.” Although they say that a pawn is the weakest unit of chess, but I disagree. If all pawns unite together and move forward, then in front of them even the most powerful figures are powerless. Pawn does not step back. Pawn moves only forward! He takes the first blow, but when it reaches the last row, it is transformed into a powerful figure. As they say – that soldier is bad who does not dream of becoming a general. You can not just sacrifice a pawn. Sometimes the advantage of one pawn makes it possible to win!


Shushan Stepanyan


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