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ON THAT DAY, WE KEPT OUR LANDA few days ago conscript of military unit of south-eastern direction of the NKR Army of Defense, petty officer of the position, Sergeant Gevorg Avetisyan was encouraged for a high level of combat training at detention of reconnaissance commando invasion of special purpose units of the enemy.

Gevorg is serving already more than a year, of which seven months – in positions. However, before that he did not come up to this reference point.

– It happened on the night of December 18. Petty officer of the reference point noticed three red dots. We had information that the enemy will make invasion attempt, but I did not believe that they will choose our position. The enemy was at a distance of 150m. But we were ready. Even I felt sorry for the enemy, but then the soldier inside of me won. And we started to shoot.

I had not seen my comrades how they were at that time. Everyone wanted to protect the other, taking the fire on himself. We were both shooting, and discussing how to help our colleagues of the other reference point. But we were not allowed to leave the position. It was dark. I was worried. My childhood friend, Ruben Aleksanyan was there.

Finally, the fire stopped, the commandos retreated with losses. We won, but there was no strength for pleasure, we were worried about our comrades. In the morning we learned that Ruben and Agassi died during the melee. Ruben used to say: “You must be able to shoot well, the land is retained by weapons.” Being wounded he fired all his bullets…


Shoushan Stepanyan

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