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Dedicate yourselves to the cause!Major Boris Babayan is graduated from the Volsk Higher Military School of Logistics of the Russian Federation. In a number of military units he headed food and clothing service. In July of 2015, after graduating from the Military Academy of Logistics of the Russian Federation, on the order of the Minister of Defense of Armenia he was appointed deputy commander of the military unit of the rear and communal use service.

– In our family, both my grandfather and father were military. When I was little, often “visited” my father in a military unit, talked with the soldiers. I grew up in a military environment, was brought up in military discipline, – says Boris Babayan. – As in the whole army, and in our military unit food supply, its cooking and serving are at the highest level, assortment has expanded. The current uniform is also really good. Once the recruit is part of a military unit, he immediately is provided with uniform, starting from socks, ending with linen.

I wish that every soldier was in his place, served on the conscience and loved his job. If you love your job then you will be a good gunner, a good commander, a good rear serviceman… As a result, we’ll have a strong and efficient army. That is my wish!


Ashot Martirosyan

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