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In a rather difficult situation for the region Armenia accepted CSTO chairmanship. As the Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan mentioned, one of the priorities of the Presidency is to further develop the peacekeeping component of the organization.

Our interlocutors answer the question: what can Armenia contribute in the formation of CSTO peacekeeping forces?




Arthur Simonyan

Commander of the peacekeeping brigade of the RA Armed Forces, Major General

– Today, among the armies of the CSTO member states, in terms of peacekeeping, we are the most experienced since from 2004 in different regions we carry out the peacekeeping mission. Our servicemen get trained in military bases and institutions of NATO member countries. Our first infantry battalion passed the exams of the first and second level, and was rated by NATO as mutually ready, ie we, according to the concept of operational skills, can work with any army of NATO member and participate in joint actions. This is a solid experience and can also be applied in the framework of the CSTO.

Today military-political situation in the region is quite tense, geopolitical situation is deteriorating so rapidly that the territory of any country of the CSTO or the former Soviet Union may be the need for the mission. We are ready to fulfill any peacekeeping mission. However, we must remember that peacekeeping forces can not participate in hostilities.



OUR EXPERIENCE OF PEACEMAKING - IN SUPPORT OF REGIONAL STABILITYPeacemaking – this is not a demonstration of military capabilities

David Alexanian

Deputy Battalion Commander, Major

– First you need to understand what do we mean when speaking about peacekeeping? We need to understand that peacekeeping – it is not a demonstration of military capabilities. I believe that the basis of the CSTO peacekeeping should be the principles of the United Nations. It is peacekeeping and almost excludes military action. Of course, sometimes this approach may be unacceptable, too. Let us recall the events in Rwanda when the genocide was carried out in the presence of peacekeepers. Today, we need to explore the world experience and to define – what problems we want to solve in the framework of the CSTO.




OUR EXPERIENCE OF PEACEMAKING - IN SUPPORT OF REGIONAL STABILITYOur colleagues from the CSTO are in need of our experience


The company commander, Major

– Our nearly 12 years of experience should be applied in the framework of the CSTO. Especially, that our colleagues need our experience. Within the framework of the CSTO, we have to perform a common task to understand – if we can work together or not? We must also eliminate brute force. It is applicable when you are at war against the established structure, but aggression against terrorist organizations is not justified. Among them there are a lot of civilians with whom the establishment of good neighborly relations will only benefit.


They should not be afraid of a peacemaker, he must be respected, otherwise the mission will fail.


Shushan Stepanyan

Photos Areg Vardanyan

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