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OUR CONFIDENCE STRENGTHENEDI think that the writer – the defender of man, and the soldier – the defender of the motherland and the world, both in the days of peace and in times of war must act together. The meeting with the 1-st Deputy Minister David Tonoyan can be perceived as another step of mutual agreement of “hostilities” of people of the pen and the sword. Writer and soldier in the Armenian system of values ​​are strategic partners, their goal is the durability of Armenian and Armenian language in geographic and spiritual Armenia.

Specifically, for me, this meeting has been effective so that in me even more strengthened day by day increasing confidence of the Armenian society to the army.

The soldier and writer today have a joint task – to increase confidence in relation to their own forces and do everything to make Armenian believe in himself, hoping on his own knowledge, strength and spirit.

Soldiers, who are at this moment in the trenches, are in our hearts, too, that means our hearts are trenches for our soldiers.


Thaddeus Tonoyan


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