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SERVE WITH HONOR, COME HOME WITH GLORY!The interview of special correspondent of the newspaper “Armenian Soldier” Gayaneh Pogosyan with military commissioner of Armenia, Colonel Henrik Muradian


– In honor of our nation, I have to say that when there is a danger at the borders, when the enemy threatens our freedom, we unite even more, become more focused. Each of us is aware of his share of responsibility and our duty to the homeland. Among the recruits and their parents not only there is no panic, but I do feel a greater willingness and seriousness.

With the institute of contract service, we have the recruit resource which is essential to replenish the army of soldiers of mandatory military service. I’ll note that in recent years the flow of contract soldiers has increased. Those cases have become often when a soldier, after the mandatory service, continues to serve on a contract basis.

We do everything to ensure maximum transparency and legitimacy of the call-up, trying to negate the risks of corruption. Defense Minister instructed to establish strict control over the work of finding and identifying those people who are still not registered. I also note that recently have been subjected to criminal responsibility those doctors who were trying to falsify the results of a medical examination and to create a basis for the unlawful delay.

Two years ago, the number of soldiers of alternative service was more than 70, and at the moment we only have 23 cases. There are two types of alternative service: alternative work and alternative military service. The term of alternative work is for 3 years, and alternative service – 2 years 6 months. Alternative work is carried out in nursing homes, in boarding homes and institutions of similar profile, and alternative service is performed in military units. I will say one thing – the vast majority who have chosen the alternative service do not know in what to believe and even have no idea about ​​the Bible.

Features of this appeal are as follows: to carry out more in-depth medical examination of personnel recruitment, especially among soldiers who have the disease; to establish strict control over the work of finding and identifying those who have dropped out of the registration, escaped previous appeals, are dismissed from the university.

Plans for the previous recruitments, we have fulfilled and exceeded. In this call-up, we have implemented all the forces and means to send to the army the required recruiting resource.

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