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MISUNDERSTANDING OR FLAGRANT INDIFFERENCE?Recently, Sergey Karapetyan, the grandson of Major General Sergey Karapetyan, commander of the 46th division of the Soviet Union, visited the newspaper “Armenian soldiers”. He came on two issues: the renaming of the street in Goris, which bore the name of his legendary grandfather. And the other question was the letter of journalist Vladimir Kotyukha of Russia, in which he asked to convey information about Jr. Lieutenant Artyusha Ohanjanyan who died heroically in the Great Patriotic War. The fact is that, in connection with the 100th anniversary of the Air Force of the Russian Federation, in Voronezh they decided to put a plaque on the street that bears his name, as well as complement the curriculum vitae of the hero.

We managed to find relatives of Artyusha Ohanjanyan and get interesting information about him (about this in the coming issues of our newspaper).

As for renaming the street named after Major-General Sergey Karapetyan in Goris, it turns out that it was 20 years ago, but the mayor’s office did not even bother to change the street signs. But now, through the efforts of Karapetyan family, Veterans Unions of Armenia, Russia and the CIS, as well as the newspaper “Armenian Soldier”, Syunik regional center has promised to reconsider its incomprehensible decision.

Sergo Karapetyan was an outstanding soldier. He was the longest-lived of the heroic commander of the 46th division – from May 4, 1942 until 7 February, 1944. Then, in 1945 was commander of the 146th Division of the First Belorussian Front, participated in the battles of the Vistula, the liberation of Warsaw, the Oder, in combat operations in Berlin. He was appointed the organizer of attack action against Turkey, however, after the atomic bombings of the Japanese two cities, the operation was canceled, which was the cause of his illness and retirement in 1948 “according to his personal statement.”


Karapetyans family roots are from Khndzoresk. The elder brother of the General is political scientist, academician Karapet Karapetyan.

Wife of General Sergey Karapetyan – Arous, was an actress, in the war years was with her husband, gave concerts at the forefront. Their eldest son Ram was a pilot in the same 46th Division, and the youngest – heavy artillery Lieutenant Colonel Boris, at the beginning of the Artsakh war had effectively participated in the establishment of the Military Aviation Technical School of RA Defense Ministry.

The daughter-in-law of the General – Freda, was chairwoman of the RA Central Board of Health, the chief physician of Armenia, one of the founders of the medical service of the RA Ministry of Defense, her son Igor is a surgeon, a participant of the Artsakh war.


Qnar Tadevosyan

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