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NEW YEAR'S EVE ON THE POSITIONSAfter training I was appointed to serve in one of the units, performing a combat mission. I serve on the border more than a month, but have already managed to feel and, most importantly, understand the essence of life on the border.

Service at the border – it’s not fun, here there is iron discipline, everything is done with an accuracy of a clock.

I spent New Year at the positions, on combat duty. I firmly hold the machine-gun and lead monitoring. Across from me, at a distance of several hundred meters, is the soldier of the enemy, probably the same as I, who also had the honor to celebrate New Year in the trenches. He was watching me, I – for him, trying to watch out for each other.

I’m sure I’ll not give him the chance, just do not have the right.

It is New Year, and we are in the service and must be vigilant.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


With respect,

Michael Abrahamyan

Junior Sergeant

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