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“From the press I learned that recently another coalition was created, now led by Saudi Arabia, to fight Islamic terrorists. I wanted to know more: what countries have joined, and in general, why it was created, if the United States have already created such a coalition? ”

The commander of the artillery calculation
Junior Sergeant

To the letter of junior sergeant V.Akopyan answers military historian, Colonel Mnatsakan Khachatryan

The most fanatical Islamic country in the world, the absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia, where state-official religion is Wahhabism – a radical branch of Sunni Islam, as of 15 December, 2015 created an Islamic political and military coalition. The aim proclaimed is the joint fight against DAISH or ISIL or “Islamic state”. The new coalition includes 34 Islamic states. The operational headquarters will be located in the capital, Riyadh, which in addition to anti-terrorism activities will also be engaged in coordination with international agencies and other countries.

Let’s recall that an international coalition of 65 countries to combat “Islamic state” had been already created by the US. By the way, the IS is forbidden by law in Russia, which since 30 September, 2015 strikes merciless blows at the positions of the organization.

The new coalition will have 100 thousand joint armed forces led by the Saudis, who will participate with the 10,000 selective military corpus. The coalition includes Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and several other Sunni countries. Naturally, Shiite Iran was not included in the coalition, which is a staunch opponent of Turkey and Pakistan. Incidentally, we’ll note that Pakistan still has not recognized officially the independence of the Republic of Armenia. The reason for that – the liberation of Artsakh from Azerbaijani yoke.

We believe that the newly alliance will not work towards the destruction of the IS, but towards the establishment of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate. In my opinion, going into this alliance, Turkey is trying to escape from the revenge of Russia.

Thus, against the new, so to speak, the military coalition of “crusaders” a united “Islamic” army is formed led by Sunni-Wahhabi Saudi Kingdom, which will consider as its enemies not only Christian, Shia or the Buddhist world, but also Chinese, Indian civilizations.

Looking at the “modern” and “future” maps of Greater Middle East of notorious American spy Ralph Peters, which were published in 2006 in the “Almanac of the armed forces” of the US MoD in the article “Bloody Borders”, we see that in the Greater Middle East 3 advanced states – Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are condemned to decay and decrease, ie precisely those countries that are now heading “Islamic NATO,” which in fact is directed not only against Russia, but against at least US geopolitical plans.

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