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Major Aram Arshakyan, captain Sergey Hakobyan and Guay Sirakanyan serve on the front line, carry out combat duty. Their youth passes in the trenches. They have become accustomed to the stress on the contact line, shots, sniper activity. And talking about the likelihood of a new war they say, “There was no peace, as such, on the front line.”

The spirit of our soldiers is put to the test

Battalion Chief of Staff

– From 2008 to this day I’m on the front line, and I do not remember a single day without a shot. Just recently the enemy has changed tactics and uses long-range means which, in my opinion, is a consequence of the fact that its personnel is unable to perform its duty in a direct contact. I’ll bring one example: last year, ordinary soldiers Gore, Arman and Andranik neutralized commandos of the enemy. And we have a lot of such examples.

As our High Commander in Chief says, “Morale is the main weapon and armament of our army.” I’ll say that because of the tension today we are more careful, more vigilant than ever. So the enemy will meet more powerful, coordinated resistance.

We’ll prevent any encroachment

Company commander

– Today, the enemy has shelled positions (with all the infrastructure), military installations and military settlement, numerous covert losses, as well as frightened of our punitive actions soldiers and officers.

On behalf of several dozen soldiers and officers who carry out combat duty under my command, I assure – our combat capability and combat training are at the highest level, we will continue to the most rigorous way to prevent the attacks of the enemy.

We are ready for any development

Company commander

– The enemy should be punished at the same time in different directions. They are trying to convince the world and its society that for pro-Azerbaijani solution of the problem they are ready for large-scale hostilities. Maybe they are rich in arms, but do not know how to fight. Recent actions have proved – they can not hit the target. However, we are ready for any development, we have nothing to give, we lost our comrades.

Simply, we must be united as in the summer of last year, when Azerbaijani saboteurs invaded. I myself caught Dilham Askerov, who was sentenced to life imprisonment.


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