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Returning from battle reference points on the way, we stopped in the backup division, which provides rear support to the combat points. Here the service of soldiers reminded me the work of Nobel Prize winner Meterling “Life of Bees.” Here everyone was busy with their own business. Their main job is to provide water, food to their comrades who are fighting on the reference points.

A group of soldiers came back. Under the command of Junior Sergeant Derenik Darchinyan the guys lined up. Ordinary Yuri Karapetyan, Mher Hovhannisyan, Yuri Montyan, Artyom Avagyan, Arevshat Tovmasyan and Tigran Mikayelyan report the commander of the execution of the assignment. During the conversation with Junior Sergeant Gor Vardanyan, Ararat Vardanyan, Vazgen Hovnanyan, Arman Vatyan, Sergeant Spartak Gulidzhoghlyan, ordinaries Gevorg Khudaverdyan, Aram Gharibyan, Edgar Melkonyan, Samvel Grigoryan, Movses Pogosyan they mostly talked about the mountain winding road leading to the combat support points.

“Well done boys! They stand firmly on our borders, – they say. – If they need help, in a few minutes we will be there.”

Over the years of my service, I noticed that the morale of the military unit mainly depends on the command and personally on the commander of the military unit. About the commander of the military unit, Colonel K.Sedrakyan speak positively and with praise not only the local population but also soldiers and officers. Soldiers happily reported that the commander decided to facilitate the provision of the height, as well as their service. And Major A.Atorakalyan and H.Khachatryan confirmed this. Inspiration of soldiers was understandable. After all, when a soldier knows that the commander thinks about him, that is, he loves his soldier, that soldier will be loyal, disciplined and diligent.

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