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How many years the most dangerous sections of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border guard contract servicemen. It is common to say that contractors are more vigilant and confidently carry out their service, make more mature decisions.

On one of the reference points of the northeastern regions of the republic it is the position of Sr. Sergeant Artashes Bayramyan, who had already stood out for his professional qualities.

– There are violations of the ceasefire, the enemy often resorts to blatant provocations, – says Bayramyan. – Of course, to every shot we do not respond, but our fire is clear and powerful. We can say that on the positions there is also a struggle of nerves, a psychological struggle, and we can not relax.

It is noteworthy that the settlements of many soldiers are not so far from this site. So guys with double liability perform their duties.

I’ll quote just soldier Martun Badalyan’s words, but they characterize all – the foreman Karapet Arakelyan, Arman Kyureghyan, Arman Khachatryan and others.

– During the compulsory military service I perfectly distinguished himself, always received encouragement. At the end of the service, I was offered to go to contract service in the city, but I refused and moved to the border. Maybe conditions here differ from the ideas of the people who are accustomed to the comfort of the city, but I could not in another way. On the border there is a completely different life, a different state of mind. At the border, we feel at home.


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