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5 months ago, my son was recruited into the army. And finally there was the opportunity to visit his military unit. My daughter and I arrived there in the evening. We were received like family, provided a place to sleep. I was very inspired with the friendly attitude of the command to the parent of a soldier. I was delighted: so here they know the value of a soldier, respect him.

All night I was unable to sleep, thinking about the meeting with my son. In the morning I looked at the soldiers doing physical exercises, and suddenly I felt myself the mother of all. My heart was pounding. I was proud of all mothers that our sons protect our homeland. That’s the victorious army, about which we hear on television and radio, we read in the newspapers!

Soon I was in the arms of my Souren, and suddenly felt myself so safe! It seemed to me that he has matured for several years. So many things I wanted to ask: the food is delicious, the officers are strict, easily he gets up early, has he friends?… But when I looked on his uniform, my questions seemed meaningless to me… My son is a soldier, and that’s it…

P.S. The other day one of the sites decided to figure out: who is the “Woman of the Year”? Armenian Facebook users answered: Woman of the Year – is the mother of a soldier.


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