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Interview with head of the engineering troops of RA Armed Forces, Major-General Karen Abrahamyan

“I can assure: the vitality of our army is high”. Karen Abrahamyan

– Our positions in terms of engineering equipment today are impenetrable, despite the fact that in recent times the enemy applies not only mortars of 60mm, 82mm and 120mm caliber, grenade launchers, but also D-30 howitzers. To break through them, you need great skill. Not having success on the front line in subversive activities, suffering defeat in the battle of snipers, enemy moved his fire deep. However, again, it does not have the result that it desired, since here both on the front and in the depth of the respective zones all the major buildings – dugouts, shelters, etc. are prepared.

I would say that the shooting range, the polygons of the enemy are in the field of our observation, and we have the ability to shoot them not with long-range weapons but medium-range weapons. If you look at our recent response, you will see that their military infrastructure was shot. With regard to the equipment of the front line, our solutions are more efficient.

As for the shelling of border areas, I would say that the use of heavy weapons against the civilian population is unacceptable. It is a sign of hopeless weakness. In the direction of Tavush 20 Azerbaijani villages are under our sight, but we don’t resort to such a step. It is necessary that the population was prepared: they must prepare shelters in the basement of their houses, in the garden, courtyard.

Today our main task is to improve the viability of the troops and the implementation of relevant military fortification works. We continue volume engineering work in all military units. Our goal is to improve the engineering structures so that they can protect troops from large-caliber guns.


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