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The earth, the spirit, the weapons

– There is no need to give lessons of patriotism to the residents of Khachik, they all are on the border, – says Acting commander of the military unit Gouzh Tsolakyan. – Children during the lesson of «Basic military training» every day from their windows see how the enemy trains. We all – the peasant and soldiers – do one thing – protect our house, border, homeland. All of these – is a powerful force!

Children, including even the girls, say they want to become sergeants. BMT teacher of the school, Hamlet Nersisyan – participant of the Artsakh war, was the commander of a military unit, now is head of the Club of young defenders of the country.

Military unit’s spiritual head Deacon Arsen says: – When only a few kilometers separate us from the enemy, we must be together. The population, the military and the priest – this triplet is like the Holy Trinity, and all of us are entrusted with this piece of history, this little mountain village.

That day, contract serviceman Yeranos Sargsyan, a resident of the village, was conducting military combat duty with soldiers. He is also a participant of the Artsakh war, he knows the enemy, knows the language of “dialogue” with them.

Chairman of the Union of Yerkrapah Vanush Grigoryan is sure that one of the most important achievements of our present army is the high performance, discipline. “We are Khachik people and we never leave our house just like that. When there is any serious incident at the border, first of all I gather the squad men.”


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