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Interview with head of the RA Armed Forces Weapons Department, Major General Mels Chilingaryan

– In recent years was there a substantial replenishment of arms of our army?

– We purchased armored vehicles, modern air defense and artillery, etc. In our army coefficient of technical readiness of combat, transport, training and combat military equipment is above 0.97, i.e. 97% of military equipment of different performance groups is in full readiness, and military equipment is repaired or replaced with new in a matter of hours.

But as the weapon becomes more powerful, the role of the human factor in time of war will always remain paramount, and patriotism is the most powerful weapon. So in a possible war with Azerbaijanis, we again shall show our most powerful weapon with wich we made Azerbaijanis to kneel in the Artsakh war. Today, when the Azerbaijanis start shooting with ranged weapons, and we are forced to respond, we see how the Azerbaijani soldiers leave posts and flee.

Our soldiers are equipped with binoculars, thermal imaging devices, night vision means, which are the latest technology, but border control equipment can not eliminate the possibility of sabotage, since they are carefully prepared. We are also provided with material resources intended for the care and maintenance of military equipment. The soldier realized that in time of danger his most faithful friend is the weapon, and if he does not care for him, it would betray him.

Today Armenian armourers are preparing rockets, bombs, mortars, grenades and are arming the army. Armenia is preparing parts of all the weapons used in the army and due to them the military equipment is always safeguarded and that increases the life of the weapon. Through innovation Armenian armourers change specifications of weapons that surprises even Russians, i.e. weapons are upgraded and enhanced.


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